About Bees

Weald Beekeeper’s Branch

The Weald branch of the Kent Beekeeper’s Association has a range of great online resources for experienced beekeepers as well as novices and everyone who wants to learn more about bees.

 British Beekeeper’s Association (BBKA)

The national organisation for beekeepers – a great online resource for everything to do with beekeeping in the UK.

The National Bee Unit

BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) national bee unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and supports various bee health programmes including the Healthy Bees Plan that sets out to protect and sustain our valuable bee population in the UK.

Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association

This organisation supports and promotes the conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of the native and near-native honey bees of Britain and Ireland (Apis mellifera mellifera).